Modern Tofu

by Chef Alex Dino

Chefs, foodies, and anyone with a sizzling passion for tofu can look forward to an array of delectable dishes as author Chef Alex Dino releases his first book of recipes, Modern Tofu.

Dino, who was named one of Fortune Magazine’s Best Cafeteria Chefs for 2008, gives a new twist on an old staple, tofu, as an ingredient in hors d’oeuvres and appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, as well as desserts. Think Caramelized Mango Tofu over Phyllo Dough. The New York city-trained chef runs a catering company, Sachet d’Epices, that specializes in Asian and European cuisine.

Modern Tofu is an innovative book packed with fifty healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes using the familiar Asian staple. This handy cookbook offers a variety of ideas on how to use tofu in traditional as well as modern cooking, and still come up with a culinary feast that is both healthy and satisfying. 

Filled with colored photographs of each recipe, Modern Tofu is an ideal cookbook for the beginners as well as the seasoned hand in the kitchen.

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